Thomas Massella

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The Infernal Path for baritone saxophone and piano
-commissioned by Wayne Leechford

Morning Music – trio for oboe, bassoon and piano
-  commissioned by  Animé BOP! for the Pittsburgh Concert Society Major Winners Recital,  September 2008

Maiden Voyage for flute and piano  and piccolo and piano
1. Rhapsody     2. Race to the Finish
-commissioned by Rhian Kenny for the 2006 National Flute Convention

Wings of a Zephyr for solo flute
-commissioned by Rhian Kenny

Lover’s Lament for tenor saxophone and piano
-commissioned by Stephen Pollock, Alanna Recordings

Smooth Ride for Fast Orchestra
-commissioned by the Mt. Lebanon High School Orchestra

Reveries for soprano/alto saxophone with piano accompaniment
1. Of Times Past 2. New Horizons
-commissioned by Michael Stephenson

September Music for soprano saxophone with piano accompaniment
1. Autumn Serenade 2. Fall Dance
-commissioned by Michael Stephenson

Three Lyrics for Saxophone Quartet
1. Pierce Clouds 2. Hands Hold Up the Sky 3. Seven Stars
-commissioned by the New Century Saxophone Quartet, Channel Classic recordings

Lament on the Death of Yitzhak Rabin for cello with piano accompaniment
-commissioned by Amici Chamber Group, recorded on Albany Records

Star Cycle for solo marimba
-commissioned by Timothy K. Adams, Principal Timpanist, Pittsburgh Symphony

Moment's Notice for percussion set-up
-commissioned by Timothy K. Adams, Pittsburgh Symphony

Pieces of April for English horn and oboe
1. Water Ribbons 2. Chasing Rainbows
-commissioned by Cary Ebli, Toronto Symphony and Robin Driscoll, Pittsburgh Opera Orchestra

Niagara for solo harp
1. White Secrets 2. Up From the Mist
-commissioned by Yolanda Kondonassis, TelArc recording artist

Diagonal Flying for alto saxophone and wind ensemble
-commissioned by James Corigliano, Guilderland, NY

Moments for solo vibraphone
1. the butterfly.....a May breeze 2. a ripple in the brook.....a tiny heap of sand 3. the bee....a rose
-commissioned by Christopher Deane, North Texas State University

Songs on the Poems of John Donne for SATB Choir

Songs for a Poet for alto/tenor saxophone duet with piano accompaniment
1. If Wishes Could 2. Wings of a Whim

Romance for alto saxophone

Romance for Bb clarinet with piano accompaniment

Eclipse for solo vibraphone

Nocturne for solo vibraphone

Une Chanson for solo violin

Elisions for string quartet

Serenade to Dreams for small chamber ensemble

Without Words for English horn and organ
1. Psalm of the Spheres 2. Joyful Noise
--commissioned by Cary Ebli, Toronto Symphony

Changing Times for tenor saxophone with piano accompaniment

Specters for string quartet

Toccata for organ solo

Prelude for oboe with organ accompaniment

Festival March for organ solo

Winter March for Elementary Orchestra
- commissioned by the Mt. Lebanon School District

Wizards for full orchestra

Sacred Music

O Sing for soprano solo with organ accompaniment

For Ye Shall Go Out with Joy for soprano solo with organ accompaniment

Rise Up in Splendor for two-part choir

The Lord in Zion for SAB choir with piano accompaniment

Praise God and King for SATB choir with organ accompaniment

Mass of Celebration for SATB choir, brass quintet and organ

Thomas Massella's music is available through the following publishers:

Dorn Publications, P.O. Box 206, Medfield, MA 02052 508-359-1015
National Music Publishers, 16605 Townhouse, Tustin, CA
Ludwig Music, 1044 Vivian Drive, Grafton, OH 44044

Pieces of April - Ludwig Music
Songs for a Poet - Ludwig Music
Without Words - Ludwig Music
Prelude for oboe/organ - Ludwig Music

Romance for alto saxophone - Dorn Publications
Romance for Bb clarinet with piano accompaniment - Dorn Publications

Toccata for organ solo - National Music Publishers
Festival March for organ solo - National Music Publishers

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