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Studio Policies and Procedures
Piano, Drums, Composition, College Prep Theory, Ear Training, Arranging


Lessons are weekly and meet for 1/2-hour sessions. Students are expected to attend all lessons as scheduled. Please be on time. Overlaps into the next teaching session are not possible due to scheduling.

Cancellations/Make-up Lessons
Notice of cancellation must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson time to allow for another student to fill the vacated time slot, and a make-up lesson.
Please call the studio number only! 498-4020
Accounts will be charged and no make-up given if proper notification is not made.
Sickness, family emergency and inclement weather are the exceptions.

Payment of Tuition
Tuition is due, in advance, by the 10th of each month. Please be on time with your payments. Bills are not sent for tuition, as the monthly amount does not vary.
Make checks payable to Thomas Massella, not Massella Music Studio!
Music books will be provided in accordance with student progress and request.
Payment for new books should be included with the next tuition payment.

Teaching Session/Number of Lessons/Lessons per Month
The teaching session will be from September through June.

Tuition payments are $100.00/month, however, not for four lessons each month,
but rather ten equal payments for 40 lessons. The number of lessons each month fluctuates between three and five depending upon how your lesson schedule fits into the current calendar. Records are kept to ensure that each student will receive his/her full complement of forty lessons. Please do not make your payment according to the number of lessons each month! My records are quite accurate as to the number of lessons each student receives.

Late payments will result in loss of one make-up lesson.

Make-up Lessons
A maximum of four make-up lessons will be given at the end of the teaching session in June. Students will have July and August to complete make-up lessons.

Please note deadlines for lesson cancellations. Exceptions to deadlines are as indicated. Cancellations of make-up lessons follow the same guidelines as regular session lessons.

Improper notification will result in loss of one make-up lesson.

Please do not cancel or ask for a make-up lesson especially if it is for a sporting event or practice.

Students are asked, but not obligated, to participate in one spring recital. Students perform pieces that are mutually chosen and are well prepared. Memorization is not required.

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